UJJAWAL Scheme: Empowering Women Through LPG Connection

The UJJAWAL scheme is a flagship program of the Indian government aimed at providing free liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) connections to poor households, especially women. The scheme was launched on May 1, 2016, with the objective of promoting a smoke-free and healthy environment in households, empowering women, and reducing the health hazards associated with traditional … Read more

Rajiv Gandhi National Creche Scheme: Providing Affordable Childcare Solutions for Working Mothers

Introduction The Rajiv Gandhi National Creche Scheme (RGNCS) was launched in 2006 by the Ministry of Women and Child Development with the aim of providing affordable childcare facilities to working mothers. The scheme provides a safe and nurturing environment for children of working women while their mothers are at work. Eligibility Criteria The Rajiv Gandhi … Read more

Mahila Shakti Kendras (MSK) Scheme: Empowering Women Across India

In India, women have faced gender inequality for centuries. Women have been victims of discrimination and violence in various forms, including domestic violence, sexual harassment, and economic exploitation. To address these issues, the government of India launched the Mahila Shakti Kendras (MSK) Scheme in 2017. The Mahila Shakti Kendras scheme is a central government-sponsored scheme … Read more

STEP Scheme: Empowering Women Through Training and Employment

Women’s empowerment has always been a significant concern for societies worldwide. In many countries, women face various challenges, such as limited access to education, healthcare, and job opportunities. To address these challenges, the government of Pakistan launched the Support to Training and Employment Program for Women (STEP) in 2009. This article will explore the STEP … Read more

SWADHAR Greh Scheme: Empowering Women Through Shelter and Support

Introduction SWADHAR Greh Scheme is a flagship program by the Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India. This scheme is designed to provide temporary shelter, rehabilitation, and economic support to women in difficult circumstances such as those who are victims of domestic violence, deserted by their families or facing social exclusion. Key Objectives … Read more

One-Stop Centre Scheme: Providing Comprehensive Support to Women in Need

The One-Stop Centre Scheme is a government initiative launched in 2015 under the Nirbhaya Fund to provide integrated support and assistance to women affected by violence. The scheme aims to provide a safe and supportive environment for women to access a range of services, including medical, legal, and psychological support, all under one roof. The … Read more

Working Women Hostel Scheme: Providing Safe Accommodation for Women in India

In India, women have been facing many challenges in finding safe and affordable accommodation, especially when they are working or studying in a different city or town. This problem is particularly acute for women who come from low-income families and cannot afford to pay for expensive accommodation. To address this issue, the Indian government has … Read more

Women Helpline Scheme: Providing Support and Assistance to Women in Need

Introduction In recent years, there has been an increased focus on addressing the issues faced by women in our society. Women have been subjected to various forms of violence and discrimination, which has a negative impact on their physical and mental well-being. In order to provide support and assistance to women in need, the government … Read more

Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Scheme: Empowering the Girl Child

India, like many other countries, has a long history of gender discrimination. For decades, girls have been neglected, mistreated, and denied basic rights. One of the ways the Indian government is trying to address this problem is through the Beti Bachao Beti Padhao (BBBP) scheme. This article will discuss the BBBP scheme, its objectives, and … Read more